Aliens are real says Ridley Scott and you don’t want to screw with them


Ridley Scott, creator of the Alien franchise, what might be the most loved horror science fiction movie of all time, is not a wall flower. He’s outspoken and truthful and you get the idea that at this point in his life, he simply doesn’t give a damn and will say what’s on his mind.

This rang true when during a press tour for his upcoming movie Alien: Convenant when he was asked about whether we were alone in the universe and whether he believed in aliens.

So there you have it. Sir Ridley Scott thinks we’re completely screwed if we get visited by a superior visitor. He does go on to say that he’s not worried, mostly because he owns guns and that there’s no signs of contact in the future.

Most importantly we can all hope that the next Alien movie will be as great as the originals. Maybe Ridley Scotts healthy fear of Aliens has contributed to such an amazing franchise and if so let’s hope we keeps getting the creeps.


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